Keep it simple social: KISSkit #01


Give your social media a creative boost this year with the “Keep It Simple Social” image kits!

KISSkit #01
Focuses on the following categories:


Each KISSkit has 120 professionally-designed images correctly sized for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Oh and we’re not stopping there.
See what else we got for you below!

In your KISSkit purchasethere are:

  • 40 images for Facebook
  • 40 images for Instagram
  • 40 images for Pinterest
  • SCHEDULER: A spreadsheet listing the quotes as well as columns for your scheduled dates when each are to go live and the author’s attribution if you choose to use it.
  • A video guide on how to brand the images using Canva.
  • 4X BONUS Facebook videos (because we all know that the algorithm adores videos, don’t we!)

KISSkits are designed especially for busy BUSINESS OWNERS & ENTREPRENEURS who want to work ON their business not IN their business. Keep it simple by filling out the scheduling sheet & handing it off to your admin or VA team.

  • Prices are in USD.
  • See below for full details.

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If you struggle to keep up with your social media you are not alone! With algorithms changing constantly it sure is hard to keep up.

The one thing that seems to be a constant is consistently showing up. That means regular posts & engaging with your audience. But that, in it's self, can be a battle with all the other things you have on your plate. It can also be daunting if you don't have a lot of confidence in designing graphics.

Our KISS kit social media image pack is the perfect answer. On purchase you will receive a kit of 120 categorized images with some of the best quotes, that is 1x post a day on 3 platforms. We've also added a few BONUS images because we don't expect they will all suit your market. Kits contain the following

  • 120x professionally designed images - 40 each for facebook, instagram & pinterest*
  • a spreadsheet listing the quotes with columns for the dates you have scheduled them to go live & the authors attribution if you choose to use it **
  • 4x BONUS facebook videos each month (because we all know that facebook adores video don't we!)
  • a video tutorial showing how you can brand them using Canva

There are limited sets available with over 60M active business pages on facebook alone, you don't need to worry that the market will be flooded with the same images***

* Your purchase allows you to use each image as many times as you like, however reselling or use by any person/business other than the original purchaser is no allowed.
** all the photographs we have used are licensed as CC0 where the author has waived all rights worldwide.
*** Membership is not transferable but can be cancelled at any time.



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